RRC's unique Dual Sourcing Strategy prevents supply shortages

The entire global economy is currently dealing with uncertainties and shortages in the procurement market. The battery market is also affected: Due to the strong demand for electric vehicles, and as a consequence of the Covid pandemic, battery cells and IC chips are scarce.

To protect customers from suffering supply shortages, RRC has created and implemented a Dual Sourcing Strategy.

RRC has developed "identical solutions" of existing standard battery packs like the RRC2054. These solutions are engineered with a second cell and are basically identical in all relevant parameters. The newly developed batteries have the same worldwide approvals, can be used quickly as an alternative and do not cause additional development time and cost.

RRC's Dual Sourcing Strategy provides three key benefits for customers:

  • Crisis-proof planning and implementation for product launches
  • Shorter delivery time and increased flexibility
  • Cost/investment savings, instead of searching for a second source, you can easily purchase and approve the alternative battery variant from RRC.

Several identical solutions of the RRC standard battery packs have already been developed (RRC2054-2 and RRC2040-2), and others will follow within the next few months. The strategy will be extended by adding more cell manufacturers and other critical components of the battery packs, such as the housing material or electrical components.

Would you like to profit from our Dual Sourcing Strategy? Please contact our Product Manager Till Etienne Wittig (till.wittig@rrc-ps.de) to learn more!